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My Story

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Start of the Idea

Last year, it was coming up to Christmas and I was thinking about what to get my dad as a present. I had noticed that my dad was having to sit at a desk for a significant amount of the day at home and I had heard that some of his friends had bought standing desks so I thought that this would be a good Christmas present for him. But once I started to look into standing desks, I quickly realised that most of them are really expensive and aren’t practical to store. So, I searched for alternative standing desks which could be put on existing desks and could easily be used and stored. Some of these options weren’t bad but again they were quite expensive, and I thought I could make one at home myself.  Working out the angles, right size, what material to use, how to cut out the holes etc. was a challenge but somehow it all worked out 😃.

The Development

After I gave the standing desk to my dad, I decided I wanted to make more because many of my dad's friends were interested in buying one. I couldn’t do this myself at home because after all, I've got to go to school...So, I did some research and found a manufacturer who then used my computer drawings of my design to make the desk.  An initial desk was then shipped to me and I was really happy with it but I then made a few tweaks to make sure it was perfect. This edited desk was then made and sent to me. Finally, I worked out the most efficient way to receive the orders and ship them to customers.

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Giving to Charity 

Since the start of this whole project, I've wanted to give all the profits to charity. I want to at least make sure that I am doing all I can do to try and help people because it is a hard time for so many at the moment with the the cost of living crisis.

It would be great if my standing desk could be used to make your lives easier and more comfortable whilst also helping with feeding families in need.