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My Story

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Start of the Idea

As Christmas approached, I thought about what gift to get for my dad. I noticed he spent a lot of time sitting at his desk and some of his friends had standing desks. I thought a standing desk would be a great gift for him, but most were expensive and impractical to store. I searched for alternative standing desks that could be placed on existing desks and were easy to use and store, but even these were expensive. I decided to make one myself and, after some trial and error, was able to create a standing desk that met my dad's needs. The desk was a hit with my dad and I received interest from his friends who wanted to purchase one as well.

The Development

After giving my dad the standing desk, I decided I wanted to make more because many of his friends were interested in buying one. I couldn’t do this myself at home because after all, I've got to go to school...So, I did some research and found a manufacturer who then used my computer drawings of my design to make the desk. The initial desk was shipped to me and I was happy with it, but I made a few tweaks to ensure it was perfect. This edited desk was then made and sent to me. After the design was sorted I worked out the most efficient way to receive the orders and ship the desks to customers.

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Giving to Charity 

Since the start of this whole project, I've wanted to give all the profits to charity. I want to at least make sure that I am doing all I can do to try and help people because it is a hard time for so many at the moment with the the cost of living crisis.

It would be great if my standing desk could be used to make your lives easier and more comfortable whilst also helping with feeding families in need.

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